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  • Right ideas. Real Results. All in One Go.
    Reward Payback Reduce your operating costs and increase your profits.
  • Hiring right resource always tedious task

Welcome To Yantrana

Yantrana is a market place which aims to connects Contractors to fulfil their hiring and leasing requirements. Hiring the right resource has always been a tedious task if the leaser is unknown and from a different place. Yantrana’s expertise makes sure that you get the right equipment at right price on time Lowered expenses, less maintenance and less paperwork make rental equipment an increasingly popular choice. Now you have the choice. You may even rent and apply a percentage of the rental payment to a down payment when you buy the equipment. Please contact us. We would like to understand your needs and challenges. We will be pleased to share our rental terms and conditions.

COMPETITIVE EDGE Gain a competitive advantage that gives you a better share of project awards by:

  • Operating an equipment that is quiet and without emanations: indoors and outdoors;
  • Carrying your equipment in a pick up box or small trailer;
  • Getting the flexibility to exchange the rented equipment for another model for an incremental cost.


Reward Payback Reduce your operating costs and increase your profits:

  • Only one operator is required to operate our equipment;
  • Low-cost maintenance due to industrial grade components;
  • Easy switch from an attachment to another with a Plug & Play system.


Less Risk Our Equipment Rental Program allows you to:

  • Try out the Equipment for a minimum period of 1 month and analyze its payback;
  • Free up working capital in tight periods;
  • Get the latest and greatest technology.


Why Choose Us?

We rent solutions. You've got some big projects coming and you have to decide which equipment you must rent?

  • Conserve your capital by paying equipment rental expenses on an as-needed basis only.
  • Lower initial investment, Latest model usually offered.
  • Maintenance, insurance*, etc. handled by Movex (*In certain cases, an insurance proof may be needed.)
  • If it’s a short-term job, or you need a specialized piece of equipment for a one-off job.
  • You use what you need. It is especially pertinent for more specialized equipment.
  • You need more equipment, you have total flexibility. On the contrary, there is a dip in requests for certain types of project, you may return the equipment until the demand is back.
  • If you don’t have the skills and the time to manage your equipment inventory, you may want to pay a little extra to rent.


We are a family owned company, committed to becoming the contractor of choice, pursuing excellence through dedication, experience and disciplined employees with an ongoing passion to deliver quality, timely and profitable projects. which will craft the dreams of common man.


We use value engineering, effective construction practices and hard work to deliver the construction.

We value the importance of our relationships and will continue to remain fair and true in our dealings with all employees, customers, and subcontractors.

Corporate Philosophy

We believe that honesty and integrity shall be instilled in every work. We believe that we collaborate with the best subcontractors to complete the project on-time and the best quality workmanship.

We believe our employees are our best asset, working hard every day to complete each job with quality workmanship, attention to detail and pride.